[Linux-bruxelles] smart cards (eg eID) and GNU/linux

Stan Pinte stanpinte at sauvages.be
Mer 2 Fév 09:23:42 CET 2005

> Will the functions : recharge of a proton card,

I sincerely hope not ;-). I don't want you to recharge your card on my

reading of the Belgian
> eID, SIS card by Medical doctors, ... be "easily" available on the
> GNU/linux platform ? If not, what would need to be done to make them
> accessible ? (if the SIS card would be readable using GNU/linux, we
> could think to propose to use these systems to the
> phamacists/apothekers)
> We could put the answers to all these question in you wiki and that
> could help start a discussion and maybe thereaftr organize a meeting of
> interested developpers.
> Much thanks in advance,
> Nicolas

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