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Alexandre Dulaunoy alexandre.dulaunoy at ael.be
Sam 14 Fév 16:02:52 CET 2004

On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, Jean-Christophe Beumier wrote:

> Tiens! Je croyais que le fait qu'il existe une version GPL permettait à
> quiconque d'utiliser, étudier, améiorer, adapter, et redistribuer le
> produit? Ou bien la GPL n'est que théorique?


Can I write free software that uses non-free libraries?

    If  you do  this, your  program won't  be fully  usable in  a free
    environment. If your program depends on a non-free library to do a
    certain  job, it  cannot do  that  job in  the Free  World. If  it
    depends on a non-free library to  run at all, it cannot be part of
    a free operating system such as  GNU; it is entirely off limits to
    the Free World.

    So please consider: can you find a way to get the job done without
    using  this library?  Can you  write a  free replacement  for that

    If  the program  is already  written using  the  non-free library,
    perhaps it  is too late  to change the  decision. You may  as well
    release the program as it  stands, rather than not release it. But
    please  mention in  the  README  that the  need  for the  non-free
    library  is a  drawback,  and  suggest the  task  of changing  the
    program  so  that  it  does  the same  job  without  the  non-free
    library.  Please   suggest  that   anyone  who  thinks   of  doing
    substantial  further  work  on  the  program first  free  it  from
    dependence on the non-free library.

    Note that  there may also  be legal issues with  combining certain
    non-free libraries with GPL-covered  Free Software. Please see the
    question on GPL software  with GPL-incompatible libraries for more

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