[Linux-bruxelles] Lightning Talks at FOSDEM2005: Call for Papers

Henrion Benjamin bh at udev.org
Lun 13 Déc 22:50:19 CET 2004

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Lightning Talks @ Fosdem2005: Call for papers

For the second year, many people will be able to participate in a
lightning talk session. The goal of this session is to give the
opportunity for some people to present their project in a small and
sharp way.

About Lightning Talks

A Lightning Talk is a very short presentation of a software project in
15 minutes maximum. So the presentation should be very sharp, small and
clear. Presentations only about free software projects will be accepted.
The presentation should be presented in English.

Submit your project

You can submit your proposal of presentation by email at
lightning at fosdem.org, or by editing a wiki page
There is no deadline for submissions, so people are encouraged to
register their talks as soon as possible. The dealine for submitting
slides is Friday 25feb at 13h.

More infos

Web: http://wiki.fosdem.org/tiki-index.php?page=LightningTalks
Email: lightning at fosdem.org


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