[Linux-bruxelles] Migration Dupedi

Frederic Peters fpeters at entrouvert.com
Lun 13 Déc 12:26:43 CET 2004

Bien le bonjour,

C'est en haut de page sur http://planet.gnome.org pour le moment, on y
parle de Dupedi.  Et de comme le BxLUG est chouette :)

| GNOME deployment update
| I found another interesting GNOME deployment in a surprising place - on a
| GNOME mailing list I didn't know existed, gnome-deployment-list.
| The primary purpose of the list is to help people deploy GNOME, as opposed to
| tell people about GNOME deployments, but a year ago, this mail arrived on the
| list.
| It tells the story of a medium sized Belgian company who almost completely
| abandoned Windows in favour of Debian machines running GNOME. The full details
| of the deployment, including the pre-migration analysis and the complete
| migration procedure, are available on the website of the Brussels LUG.
| Their computing environment now runs over 65% of their desktop machines on
| GNU/Linux with GNOME, with estimated savings to the company of 22000 €.
| Their main reason for migrating was not cost, however - it was a requirement
| for document interoperability. OOo solved this problem nicely, and Evolution
| and a free IMAP server allowed them to completely remove any Microsoft
| dependencies they had. The company is now (2 years on from their initial
| migration) running GNOME 2.6, with some GNOME 2.8 machines in testing.
| The extraordinary thing about this story is that, as well as some professional
| consultancy for training and installation, the migration happened with the
| support and assistance of a local user's group, acting out of a will to help,
| showing that user communities and private enterprise can work together.


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